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EMI2 Dual Flow Seal Water Meter

EMI2 seal water meters are ideal for medium seal flush flow rates up to 8.5 USGPM. Dual seal flow meters monitor both the flow rate into the seal and the return (drain) flow out of the seal. A difference between the two flows indicates a seal that is leaking from, or into the process. The optional pressure gauge can be used monitor seal feed pressure. A meter mounting plate and floor mounting stand are also available to to simplify installation. For demanding applications, the standard POM end blocks are available in Kynar or SS316. All models can be furnished with a low flow alarm sensor.
  • Options

    • Adjustable low flow alarm
    • Polysulphone (PSU) flow tubes
    • Viton® or EPDM seals
    • Pressure gauge(s) with optional red set pointer
    • 1/2" BSP female thread connections
    • Constant flow regulator (Model EFR)
    • Flow markers for optimal flow rate or range
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Order Guide

EMI2-   -        
D Delrin (POM)
K Kynar (PVDF)
S SS316
A 0.52
B 0.93
C 1.45
D 2.29
E 2.610
F 4.2516
G 622
H 8.532.5
1 Water USGPM
4 Water LPM
7 Percent scale 10-100%
R Relative scale 1-10
A Alarm readiness
P PES/PSU flowtube
H Hand adjusting knob
V Viton® o-ring seals
E EPDM o-ring seals
B Back pressurizing valve
G Pressure gauge
M Mounting bracket
R 1/2" BSP female thread connections

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